The Bullet Blender™ Family

The Bullet Blender™

Homogenize 24 samples at a time!

The BULLET BLENDER™ enables you to homogenize, disrupt, or lyse 24 tissue or cell culture samples at a time.  Load the samples into polypropylene microcentrifuge tubes, then place them in the BULLET BLENDER™.  The "bullets" in the "blender" vigorously strike all the sample tubes  simultaneously for a few minutes. 

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Price: US Bullet Blender™ $2495,Bullet Blender™ Blue $2895,Bullet Blender™ 5 Blue $3295


The 3 BULLET BLENDER™ models

  Bullet Blender™ Bullet Blender™
Bullet Blender™ 5 BLUE
Capacity 24 Tubes 24 Tubes 9 Tubes
Tubes 1.5 to 2.0mL  polypropylene microtubes
(e.g. Axygen brand)
50mL polypropylene
(e.g. Falcon™)
Fill Volume
1.0 to 1.5mL 15mL
with Air Cooling? No
Applications vortexing, homogenizing cell cultures and
soft to very tough tissue, extractions
vortexing, homogenizing cell
cultures and soft tissue, extractions


  • Compact - The footprint is only 8in. (20cm) wide by 10in. (25cm) deep

  • High Throughput

      • The Bullet Blender™ and Bullet Blender™ BLUE : twenty-four 1.5mL to 2.0mL microcentrifuge tubes

      • Bullet Blender™ BLUE 50: nine 50mL polypropylene tubes.

  • Easy  - User friendly with only two settings to select: time and speed (up to 5 minutes for microcentrifuge tubes, up to 15 min. for 50 mL tubes.   Momentary on by pressing the "Start" button.

  • Versatile - Use the Bullet Blender™ in different laboratory environments, including cold rooms (4°C to 60°C, avoid condensing conditions).  Requires only an electrical outlet for operation.

  • CE certified 24V power supply, shipped with the proper plug configuration for your wall outlets.

  • Air Cooling™ on  "BLUE" models prevents the instrument from heating up when processing multiple rounds of samples.  The COOLEST homogenizer available!

  • Patented striking technology.

  • Built in the USA for years of trouble free use.

  • Warranty: two years parts and labor, three years on the motor.

  • 30-day money back guarantee.



TUBE1EP5   .......... $65 (plus shipping and taxes)

Box of 500 of 1.5 mL non-sterile Eppendorf® Safe-Lock®brand microtubes, in bulk.  For use in the BULLET BLENDER™ (cat. no. CDX24) and BULLET BLENDER™BLUE   (cat. no. CDX24B)


TUBE1AX7-S   .......... $20 (plus shipping and taxes)

Box of 250 of 1.7 mL sterile Axygen brand polypropylene microtubes, in bulk.  For use in the BULLET BLENDER™ (cat. no. CDX24) and BULLET BLENDER™BLUE   (cat. no. CDX24B)


TUBE50KR-S   .......... $15 (plus shipping and taxes)

Bag of 50 in bulk, of 50 mL sterile polypropylene centrifuge tubes.  For use in the BULLET BLENDER™BLUE  50  (cat. no. CDX50B)




SPAT1   .......... $180 (plus shipping and taxes)

Individually packaged spatulas, RNase/DNase free, non-pyrogenic and antistatic.sterile, plastic spatulas.  pack of 50.




Please contact us for more information regarding the beads, prices

Glass beads
(2.5 g/cc)
$30 per lb. (.45 kg)



Zirconium Silicate
beads (3.8 g/cc)
$45 per lb. (.45 kg)

Zirconium Oxide
beads (5.5 g/cc)
$80 per lb. (.45 kg)

: 0.5mm
: 1.0mm
Stainless Steel
Beads (7.9 g/cc)
$60 - 145 per lb.
: 0.2mm ($95/lb)
0.5mm ($95/lb)
0.9-2.0mm blend ($145/lb)
1.6mm ($145/lb)
: 3.2mm ($70/lb)
4.8mm ($70/lb)

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*** Not for clinical use on humans ***

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