340 Programmable Pumping Phases

X2 Firmware Version Upgrade
- Includes all of the features of the X firmware version, plus...
- Increases the maximum number of programmable pumping phases from 41 to 340.
- Increases the maximum baud rate to 38,400

- Any syringe pump can be field upgraded except for the NE-300.

Model Description Suggested List
FW-1-X2X2 Firmware for stand-alone pumps (NE-1000 series)$205 USD
FW-5-X2X2 Firmware for OEM style pumps (NE-500 series)$110 USD
CBL-DUAL-3Cable to connect 2 pumps to use the Dual Pumps Modes$10 USD
FW-EXTRACTORPLCC chip extractor tool for replacing firmware$4 USD

Pumping Program Memory Upgrade Features:

  • Contains all of the features of the X Firmware Upgrade
  • Increases the number of programmable phases from 41 to 340
  • Smooth linear increasing or decreasing gradient
  • Set the starting rate, ending rate, and the time
  • Pre-program multiple gradients plus any other NE-1000 programming feature
  • Download Brochure

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Not for clinical use on humans

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