Disruptor Genie™

Dramatically Increased Disruption Efficiency.
Ideal for difficult glass bead procedures - cell disruptions/homogenizations of yeast cells, bacteria, plant and animal tissue and pellet resuspensions. or anything that requires extremely violent high-speed agitation.

Part ID: DisruptorGenie

Price: US $545


Simple to Use. Turn dial to desired operating time (or constant "ON" position). Single high-speed agitation eliminates operator variability.


  • More Than Vortexing Alone. Patented multi-directional action simultaneously agitates and vortexes at high-speed producing greater yields in less time.

    Convenient. Hands-Free Automatically Timed disruption of up to 12 microtubes. 0-15 minute auto-off timer or continuous operation.

    Economical. Performance comparable to expensive ultrasonic cell disruptors/homogenizers. Compares favorably to Mini-Bead Beater*.

    Vortex-Genie Rugged Reliability. Solid metal casting and stainless steel construction. Does not "walk".

    Suitable for Use in Cold Rooms or Incubators.

  • Vortex Too. Simply remove the Micro Tube holder and snap on the Pop-off Cup (supplied with the unit) to achieve continuous or timed (0-15 minutes) high-speed vortexing of single test tubes.

  • *Mini-Bead Beater is a Trademark of BioSpec Produts, Inc.

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*** Not for clinical use on humans ***

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